Equipment and Supplies for the New Quilter

Equipment and Supplies for the New Quilter

March 22, 2013 6:45 pm

If you have an interest in quilting, you may be wondering exactly what supplies and equipment you should purchase. Whether you shop online or browse through your local store, the myriad of quilting paraphernalia can be overwhelming. Here are the supplies that you’ll need to get started:

Cutting Supplies
The cutting supplies that you choose will be a matter of personal preference. Most beginners start with the basics: a pair of shears, a rotary cutter, a clear ruler and a self-healing mat. As your quilting hobby takes off, you may want to expand your cutting tool collection but, for now, stick with the basics.

Pins and Needles
Straight pins will hold your seems and pieces together as you run them through your sewing machine. You may also want to pick up a package of safety pins for use in various projects. Be sure to grab a magnetic needle holder to keep your pins safely stored.

Fabric and Thread
The fact that you need fabric to quilt is a no-brainer. When it comes to thread, you’ll have dozens of choices in color and material. Experiment with different threads in order to discover your preference. While some quilters prefer organic cotton thread, other quilters enjoy working with coated threads.

Sewing Machine
Undoubtedly your largest initial expense, you’ll need a sewing machine. Read reviews online and talk to other sewers before you choose your machine. A good rule of thumb when it comes to sewing machines is this: Buy the best sewing machine that you can afford. Your machine will get quite a workout when you start quilting regularly. A cheap machine will only last so long; you’ll find yourself having to replace it in a matter of months.

Quilting is a relaxing, enjoyable hobby for people of any age. If you are considering picking up the craft, use the list above as a sort of supply starter-kit. Expand your collection of supplies, tools and equipment once you get the hang of the art and have a desire to get more creative.