Must Have Quilting Supplies

Must Have Quilting Supplies

January 12, 2013 8:42 pm

Quilting may seem like an expensive hobby if you’re new to the art. The good news is this: Once you buy the bulk of your equipment, the only money you will spend is on fabric, thread and small items that wear out. To begin quilting, you’ll need a few basic supplies. If you decide that you enjoy the hobby, you’ll want to expand your collection.

The Basics

1. Rotary-Cutting Supplies: You’ll need a rotary cutter, a pack of replacement blades and a self-healing mat. You’ll be surprised at just how quickly these tools making cutting perfect shapes out of your fabric.

2. Scissors: Although you’ll do most of your cutting with a rotary blade, a sharp pair of shears or scissors will come in handy.

3. Pins: Buy yourself a package of straight pins and a magnetic pin holder. You’ll use pins to hold your fabric in place as you sew.

4. Ruler: Spend the money and get a clear, wide ruler from the craft store.

5. Sewing Machine: Last, but certainly not least, you’ll need a sewing machine. A good piece of advice is to purchase the best machine that you can afford. If you choose to stick with the hobby, you’re sewing machine will be your best friend.

The Extras

1. Frames and Hoops: If you decide to try your hand at quilting without a machine, you’ll want a frame or hoop to keep your fabric taught.

2. Thimble: When you do decide to start sewing by hand, a properly-fitting thimble will save your thumb from puncture wounds.

3. Patterns: You can construct a quilt by looking at a picture but patterns make it easier.

4. Marking Tools: Some crafters prefer water-soluble marking tools and others rely on their rulers.

There are many more items that you may find yourself in the market for should you decide to keep quilting. The list above is by no means exhaustive. To find supplies that will work best for your hobby and style, peruse quilting magazines and craft books. You’ll find dozens of goodies to add to your quilting stash.